The Best News You Can Possibly Imagine

Gavin Ortlund | September 9, 2015

Editors’ note: This series explores key doctrines of the Christian faith and their practical ramifications for everyday life. Earlier in this series:

Several Protestant Reformers asserted that justification is the doctrine by which the church stands or falls. The more I understand of the gospel, and the needs of my fallen heart, the more I feel that I tend to stand or fall each day based on whether I’m living out of my justification. 

Why is justification so important? What difference does it make amid our day-to-day grind? How does it speak good news to the Christian burdened with an anxious conscience, as well as to the non-Christian haunted with a sense of meaninglessness? 

To learn more about justification, and how to live in its power each day, I corresponded with Tom Schreiner, professor of New Testament interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Those of us who have listened appreciatively to Schreiner’s several Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) presentations on justification will…

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