The Bottom Line Isn’t at Odds with Loving Employees

Carey Bustard | October 7, 2015

Les Slough is vice president of Shank’s Extracts, Inc. He lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Beth, their four daughters, and their yellow lab. He is an elder at Wheatland Presbyterian Church and enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time.

How would you describe your work?

I’m the vice president of a company that makes flavoring extracts. We make flavors for consumer and commercial food markets used in homes, restaurants, and bakeries. Many of these companies use our flavors to make products ranging from cookies to ice cream, K-CUPs to drinks.

As an image-bearer of God, how does your work reflect some aspect of God’s work?

God not only provides for his children, but for all his creatures. Through the lens of Matthew 5:45, which tells us God sends rain on both the just and the unjust, I see how God uses our business to provide for many people—our employees and their families, our vendors and their employees, and our customers and their clients. Although our products aren’t critical for life, we’re providing careers that ripple from one company to another. 

How does your work give you a unique vantage point into the brokenness of the world?

In the garden, the serpent…

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