The Church Is a Leadership Factory

J. D. Greear | August 4, 2015

The church ought to see itself as a leadership factory that stirs up the gifts of God in people, not an auditorium that gathers people behind a leader. Jesus did not build his church by recruiting the 12 brightest from the rabbi’s list of “up and coming stars” and platforming them in large stadiums around the world. His disciples were mostly blue-collar workers with little to no formal theological training.

Yet through his Spirit, Jesus uses this ragtag group of misfits to turn the world upside down. Peter, the disciple with a foot-shaped mouth who wilted before a teenage girl, became the church’s most courageous leader and premiere preacher (John 18:15–18). When Jesus chose Peter, he was not a star. He was a man in desperate need of development. Jesus made him into a star.

If developing leaders is what Jesus got most excited about in the church, isn’t that what we should be most excited about, too? Let me suggest four important implications for how we should approach ministry.

1. We must challenge our people to be leaders.

We need to put forward a new vision for the church. We should not allow people to see the church as a…

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