The Church Is Not the Enemy

Emily T. Wierenga | September 8, 2015

Editors’ note: The following is a guest post from Emily T. Wierenga based on the focus of her new memoir Making It Home: Finding My Way to Peace, Identity, and Purpose (Baker, 2015). 

The rain is like hundreds of bare feet on the roof of our tent trailer and it’s 8:30 in the morning, the dirt ground pooling outside, the windows crying. The air is thick with storm and mosquitos, and it’s our second day camping with my family in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

I’m nursing our youngest on the couch, in the middle of this wet world, and I’m tempted to complain, but am learning to sing, even as we camp in the rain. My baby’s hands clinging to my fingers, her cheek pressed against my chest. She’s only five months old but one day, she’ll be weaned.

Great is thy faithfulness, my tired voice begins to croon, O God my Father . . . 

I’m in training at 35 years old. Beside me on the cushion is the book I’m reading—A Chance to Die, the story of Amy Carmichael’s life recounted by Elisabeth Elliot. In it Carmichael remarks, “I am learning the lesson set to the weaned child. I am learning to do…

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