The Compelling Community

Erik Raymond | April 17, 2015

Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop. The Compelling Community: Where God's Power Makes a Church Attractive. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2015. 224 pp. $15.99.

Often the word community is casually tossed around like a Frisbee at a church picnic. Most are familiar enough with it to comfortably “give it a toss” but don’t often think deeply about its dynamics. What would you say community is in your church? Is it small groups? Perhaps it’s a fellowship meal. Maybe it’s men or women getting together. Whatever the case, community likely involves church people getting together for one reason or another. This is a good start, but there is more.

In the latest release from 9Marks, Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop thoughtfully advance the conversation in Compelling Community: Where God’s Power Makes a Church Attractive. Dever and Dunlop serve together as pastors at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Dunlop discloses that while the book is written in his voice, it includes significant influence and input from Dever. Therefore, they are co-authors.

Essential, Not Ideal

Dever and Dunlop want to raise and lower our ambition for church community. Sound puzzling? Perhaps it will make more sense when considering their definition: “Community is the togetherness and commitment we experience that transcends…

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