The Easy Sacrifice of Life, or the Costly Sacrifice of a Few Years

Derek Rishmawy | November 14, 2015

Given my current love of reading, learning, and teaching, it might seem surprising that when I got the call to ministry during college, I hated the fact that I probably had to go to seminary. At the time I was anxious to do something. As soon as I caught the bug—for preaching, sharing, and leading others into Scripture—a slow burn began in my bones that turned into a flaming ache every week I couldn't preach.

As much as I loved hearing the Word preached with passion, wisdom, and skill by my pastor—skill and wisdom I knew I didn’t yet possess—it was often painful to sit and listen instead of walk up to the podium myself. Sitting in classrooms and libraries for a few years just to get a shot at it was just much for my 19-year-old soul to handle.

For a time I contemplated simply trying to get hired at a church and diving in. I’d grown up in churches and was a quick read, so why not? Why not jump in headfirst and pick it up on the fly? I had already seen God powerfully use many pastors lacking formal seminary training. Why not me? There was even a brief season some of my friends toyed…

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