The Gift of a Shattered Life

| February 9, 2015

I sat terrified in a somber, white-coat environment, waiting to hear from the doctor after my recent test results had come back. I was not expecting to hear, “You have a brain tumor.” After that prognosis, I really did not comprehend much more. When you hear those words, life seems so fragile. 

How could this happen? I was 22 years old and the epitome of health. I was a competitive dancer and avid runner. People like me do not get brain tumors, or so I thought. When you are young, you tend to think you are invincible. Yet I was given the gift of a life shattered for my good and God's glory. In trial our dreams sometimes die. Then we are forced to consider what really matters and what is really important.

After I ingested all the information of my predicament, we decided to go into a six-month waiting period. The tumor was in a place that was not ideal for a successful operation. We decided to wait six months and see what happened.

False Gospel Exposed 

These six months were one of the hardest waits of my life. But in the wait God teaches and grows you…

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