The Gospel in India

Aubrey Sequeira | August 3, 2015

Editors’ note: Over the last few months we’ve received a deeply encouraging response to our series on the state of the evangelical church in Latin America. Even as we continue those profiles, we want to expand our coverage to countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia. As Don Carson recently told The Gospel Coalition staff, “This will simultaneously help our readers to become world Christians, increasing their prayer lives and promoting evangelistic zeal.” To that end, here’s the first entry on how God is working in India.

William Carey sparked the modern missionary movement when he set sail for the shores of India in 1793. Today’s India is very different from Carey’s time—sprawling global now cities dot the Indian landscape. These urban hubs are melting pots of India’s diverse cultures, languages, and people groups (122 major languages and 1,599 functional languages!). With a population of 1.2 billion, India is the world’s largest democracy. New Delhi, the capital, is the world’s second most populous city with 25 million people. Outside the cities, India’s impoverished rural contexts are home to the majority of the world’s unreached and least-reached people groups.

Hinduism is India’s dominant religion, with about 78 percent of the population worshiping a virtually infinite number of Hindu deities. Islam is also…

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