The Infanticide of Exodus and Abortion of Today

| October 24, 2015

In Exodus 1 and 2, under threat of infanticide and genocide, God provided the way of salvation and rescue through a group of courageous women.

By looking at how he used Moses’s mother, his sister Miriam, Pharaoh’s daughter, and even the Hebrew midwives to oppose and deliver from infanticide, we as Christians can be instructed on how to oppose and deliver from abortions that are happening today.

Particularly I think there’s a special calling on women in the battle that the church needs to see and embrace.

Moses’s Mother

From mere inconvenience to truly feeling there’s no other option, a woman contemplating abortion is thinking through a whole spectrum of things. Moses’s mother is a prime example of a woman who experienced not simply an inconvenience, but a threat on her life if she kept the baby.

When she bore Moses and saw he was a fine child, however, she didn’t kill him. She hid him for three months.

This picture—a mother hiding her baby—is beautiful. She was hiding him, of course, to protect him.

When a child is in infancy, they need the utmost protection and care; so you keep the child next to you. But what about a preborn child? In God’s infinite wisdom he saw fit to place babies inside their mothers—not just next to…

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