The Life and Times of Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra | May 22, 2017

The church members gathered for coffee hour at Redeemer Presbyterian Church knew something was wrong when the polite man quickly shouldering his way through the crowd—“Excuse me, excuse me”—was followed seconds later by uniformed police.

The man had robbed an adjacent parking garage and then raced into an alley to get away—an alley ending in the open door of the fellowship room where pastor Tim Keller was chatting with congregants after the service.

“The only exit from the church was to come back up to street level and come out the front door,” Kathy Keller remembers. The man found it, tearing out of the church right in front of Kathy and her three sons, who were sitting in their minivan waiting for Tim.

All three Keller boys—ages 6, 10, and 12—flew into the back seat to watch as police caught the man, threw him across the hood of the car parked behind them, and cuffed him.

“Which I have to say is one of the reasons I loved raising our kids in New York,” Kathy said. “You didn't have to lecture them about the evils of drink when they saw drunks vomiting on the sidewalk, nor on the dangers of…

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