The Missing Demographic in Urban Churches

Emily Morrice | September 30, 2014

Christians are not yet close to matching the pace by which the world is moving into cities, but make no mistake, Christians are urbanizing and migrating. As believers follow Paul’s footsteps to evangelize the most influential cities in the world, we rejoice. Yet ask any urban pastor or church planter his top five needs and somewhere on that list will be a demographic for whom the city remains a fearful and inhospitable place.


By the time we planted our church in the heart of Montreal, we were already pregnant with our third child (in three years). While neither my husband nor I was raised in the city, our heart for seeing the Great Commission fulfilled and the obvious influence of urban centers compelled us to urban church planting—with our growing family.

Cities naturally draw in young people. Cities are home to many of the best universities and career opportunities, so professionals and students flock to cities in droves. While the magnetic draw to urban centers is undeniable to most, Christians have been slow to respond—Christian families especially. Why?

Appeal Elsewhere

Certainly there are drawbacks for families living in cities, yet some secular families are immigrating to cities and staying…

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