The Most Revolutionary Thing a Woman Can Do

Bethany Jenkins | November 16, 2016

In a recent performance review, one of my girlfriends was told to stop apologizing because she was losing credibility at work. Last week, another girlfriend apologized to me for—of all things—apologizing: “Sorry I keep saying sorry.”

Two years ago, responding to research showing that women say sorry more than men, Pantene released a commercial, “Sorry, Not Sorry,” that showed women apologizing to colleagues, spouses, strangers, and friends. Wanting to empower women, the hair care company touted, “Don’t be sorry. Shine and be strong.”

On Sunday night, bestselling author and popular speaker Glennon Doyle Melton announced she’s now in a lesbian relationship. As a self-identifying Christian active with the Belong Tour, Melton anticipated that her followers would be confused by her news. On Instagram, she shared that, although there was a time when she “cared so much” about their opinions of her, it’s now her job as a leader “not to concern myself too deeply about what you think and feel about me—about the way I live my life.” This is what she hopes for all her fans—that they would not say sorry for who they are.

“The most revolutionary thing a woman can do,” Melton heralded, “is not explain…

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