The One Thing Needed for Latin America’s Reformation

Miguel Núñez | October 26, 2016

Everyone who opens a Bible for the first time does so with a worldview in place. We begin reading with a set of values and presuppositions imbibed from family, teachers, authors, movies, and other cultural sources of information. 


Given that our perspectives are geographically situated, it’s no surprise the worldview and approach to Scripture in the Global South is different from the Global North. From the Enlightenment onward, many in the West—including Christians—learned to separate the natural from the supernatural. This left us with a divided Christianity to the point that, according to the book Understanding Folk Religion, “Most missionaries taught Christianity as the answer to the ultimate and eternal questions of life, and science based on reason as the answer to the problems of this world.”

Subtraction vs. Addition

In the West, the main problem has often been liberalism—subtracting from God’s revelation. The ultimate expression of this is found in German theologian Rudolf Bultmann (1884–1976), who wished to strip away the Bible’s supernatural elements. But in the Global South, where I live and pastor, our main problem hasn’t been liberalism; it’s been heresy—adding to biblical revelation. Many of these “additions” have come to us through mystical experiences such as visions and dreams.

In the West, the main problem has often been…

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