The Other Side of the Coin

R.C. Sproul

Series: Predestination

Many have heard it said before that the God of Calvinism drags people into heaven as they are kicking and screaming, while others who really want to go to heaven are sent to hell. Like many false teachings, this distorted view continues to make its rounds throughout the church. Certainly that kind of portrait of God does not fit the biblical one, nor does it resemble the Calvinistic view of God. In our natural fallen condition, our “choices proceed from a heart gripped in bondage to sin.” But we know that many people are set free from that bondage, while many others are not. So if God did predestinate some people to go to heaven—as the Calvinists describe—then shouldn’t it follow that God predestined the others to go to hell? Is there such a doctrine known as double-predestination?

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