The Power of Patient-Centered Medical Care

Bethany Jenkins | February 10, 2016

Jay Lynch is professor of medicine and assistant dean of admissions at the University of Florida College of Medicine (UFCOM). He is a nationally recognized, well-published expert in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas, an area in which he maintains an active clinical practice. Lynch and his wife founded the Christian Study Center of Gainesville and have four children and three grandchildren.

What do you do every day?

As a faculty member, I teach amazing students, residents, and fellows who are eager to learn both the art and science of medicine. As a cancer specialist and clinical researcher, I get to work on therapies that improve the outcomes of treating lymphomas and decrease patient side effects. As a practicing physician, I care for patients who are often facing life-threatening illnesses. Finally, as dean of admissions, I help to create and maintain and process how we choose the next generation of physicians.

How competitive is admissions at the UFCOM?

In one sense, it’s highly competitive. We receive about 4,600 applications for 135 seats. In another sense, though, it’s not. When an applicant comes for interview day, her experience is designed around the notion of hospitality. We do this for two reasons. First, we want…

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