The Problem of Praying for Our Children

Sara Wallace | August 4, 2016

I have a prayer problem. Instead of letting prayer draw me closer to God, I can let it take me down winding paths of worry.

Let’s see. What should I pray about for my kids? Well, let’s start with all the things that could go wrong. That sounds logical. 

Like Peter, I start to focus on the waves instead of the Savior, waves that haven’t even arisen and probably never will.

I recently taped a photo of each of my four kids into my prayer journal so I could look at them when I prayed. As I began to pray, my sister came to my mind. She’d just been through a devastating divorce and had written about her story

As I looked into the innocent eyes of my kids, I thought about her pain. I thought about the trials God was preparing for my own children. Would he spare them from the tragedy of a broken marriage? What about physical pain? Would he keep them from harm?

Then I thought about the reason my sister chose to share her story. She didn’t offer five easy steps for avoiding pain in your life. It was just the opposite. She wanted to show the unparalleled beauty of…

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