The Problem with Good Advice

Christina Fox | May 7, 2015

During my last year of college, I was completely overwhelmed. I was stressed and worried all the time. The semester loomed ahead like a giant mountain I could not climb. Not only was I taking 20 credit hours, doing a counseling internship, and working part-time, I was also planning my wedding hundreds of miles from where it would take place.

A local Christian counselor visited campus once a week to meet with students. One of my professors suggested that I meet with her. I presented the counselor a list of all the things I was doing and explained how overwhelmed and stressed I was. I left the session with another list. She gave me advice on ways to manage my time more effectively. She suggested healthy coping skills and recommended that I get sufficient rest. She even discussed the importance of a support system and encouraged me to reach out to close friends.

These were all helpful suggestions. They were good things for me to do. But one thing was lacking: she never pointed me to Christ.

Problem with Good Advice

When our friends share with us their problems, we often give them advice. It’s one of the characteristics of friendship; we share with one another ideas and solutions that have…

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