The Role of ‘Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding’ in Our Vocations

| January 22, 2015

We don't just need “spiritual wisdom and understanding” (Col. 1:9-10) in our personal lives; we need it in our professional lives, too. Does God have a will for, say, economics or law? Does he have a design for music or art? Here, Albert M. Wolters argues that “spiritual wisdom and understanding” in our various vocational spheres can often be discerned from the created order—even as he maintains the unique place for proclamation of the gospel.

The Lord teaches the farmer his business. There is a right way to plow, to sow, and to thresh, depending on the kind of grain he is growing. Dill, cumin, wheat, and spelt must all be treated differently. A good farmer knows that, and this knowledge too is from the Lord, for the Lord teaches him. This is not a teaching through the revelation of Moses and the Prophets, but a teaching through the revelation of creation—the soil, the seeds, and the tools of his daily experience.

It is by listening to the voice of God in the work of his hands that the farmer finds the way of agricultural wisdom.

Knowability of the Created Order

An implication of the revelation of God in creation…

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