The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

Nancy Guthrie | October 24, 2012

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. Pittsburgh: Crown & Covenant, 2012. 154 pp. $12.00.

What is conversion? Theologian Wayne Grudem defines it as “our willing response to the gospel call, in which we sincerely repent of sins and place our trust in Christ for salvation.” True as this definition may be, somehow it seems colorless in light of conversion not so much defined but demonstrated in Rosemarie Champagne Butterfield’s coming-to-faith memoir, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikey Convert. Conversion for Butterfield is a thoroughly disrupting transformation—a whole-life, whole-person turn toward Christ. 

Though I understand why one online bookseller features books about homosexuality as related resources on the webpage for this book, this isnt a book about homosexuality. It doesnt address the debates regarding whether one is born this way or chooses this life or whether same-sex attraction can be “cured.” Neither does it offer strategies for arguing against or evangelizing someone in the lesbian lifestyle. While the book does illumine these issues, it just isn’t about them. It is about one woman’s becoming convinced that the claims of the gospel are true, and the thorough reordering of her life around

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