The Secret to Being Content with Your Bank Balance

John Piper | May 26, 2016

Over the years, it has struck me as strange how many Christians pursue wealth. Jesus warns that riches make it hard for people to get into heaven (Matt. 19:23) and Paul warns that those who desire to be rich plunge into ruin and destruction (1 Tim. 6:9–10). It’s as though we either don’t believe it, or we think we’ll be the exception to the rule, or we just don’t think God’s Word could mean what it says.

But Paul means what he says—desiring to be rich is deadly. And there’s more. The key that unlocks this section of 1 Timothy 6 are these words: “Godliness with contentment is great gain” (v. 6).

What’s the protection against these deadly effects of money?

Answer: a heart content in God.

Are you deeply satisfied in God, so that this satisfaction—this contentment—doesn’t collapse when God ordains you have much or little? Having little can destroy contentment in God by making us feel he’s stingy or uncaring or powerless. And having much can destroy our contentment in God by making us feel he is superfluous, or quite secondary as a helper and treasure.

What’s the Secret? 

It’s no small thing to learn how not to lose our contentment…

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