The Things We Dare Not Say

Lindsey Carlson | April 13, 2016

My name is Lindsey, and I frequently speak before I think.

I’ll never forget the time I innocently asked a new friend if it was 80s night at church, only to quickly realize it wasn’t. That’s just how he dressed. With no luck, I tried to back gracefully out of the conversation.

Sometimes my faux pas hit on more sensitive subjects. Once when speaking about the difficulties of homeschooling four kids, I discovered the woman I was talking to had only been able to have one child. What overwhelmed me was something she longed for. Then there was the time I expressed financial concerns to a close friend whose husband was in his second year of unemployment. I tried to choose my words carefully, but looking back, bringing up finances at all may have been foolish. I’ve also been on the receiving end of uncomfortable exchanges—like the time a friend voiced her humiliation over a high number on her bathroom scale that, for me, was a number so low I hadn’t seen it since college.

Gospel Opportunities


Whether it’s body image, money, joblessness, singleness, or infertility, personal hot buttons in relationships abound. We know these areas of conversation can be painful, so we try to avoid them like the plague. Rather than filter our words…

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