The Tragic Tie Between Abortion and Down Syndrome

Dave Hare | October 6, 2014

When speaking to people about abortion two topics usually come up: rape and babies with disabilities. In his providence, God has given me experience with abortion and children with disabilities. This statement from speaks of a tragic tie between abortion and Down syndrome: "Although no national data are available, the abortion rate of fetuses with the condition [of Down syndrome] was found to be 59 percent in one California study and 92 percent in an English study."

Even if these statistics are slightly off, they support the tragic truth that babies determined to have Down syndrome are often aborted in the United States and abroad. But why? Through conversations with people, many of whom are pro-choice, I’m told it’s because of the poor quality of life that one would endure if brought into the world with DS. It’s said those with DS (or a similar disability) would have a lower quality of life and therefore would be better off if they were never born. That is a tragic conclusion not based on truth. In this article, I hope to confront the practice of aborting babies with DS through two arguments.

My Sister, Heather

The first argument is a…

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