The Uniqueness of University Evangelism

Tim Keller and Michael Keller | June 19, 2017

Why is evangelism among university students so crucial?

One reason is because of the unique openness the university experience creates in students’ lives. During undergraduate years, young adults usually experience a new level of independence from family and other childhood connections. For many, it’s the first time out of the house and being fully responsible for their daily decisions and actions. Most students go to college not to stay the same but to set their own course in life, so there’s an openness to big questions and different ideas, even radically new ones.

Young adults at this stage of life have always been asking at least four such big questions:

  1. Who am I? (looking inward)
  2. What’s the point or meaning of things? (looking outward)
  3. Whom should I be with and love? (looking sideways)
  4. And, in the light of the first three answers, what should I do with my life? (looking forward)

Those who don’t go to college often accept the answers their families and home communities assign to them. University students certainly have social pressure on them from their background, but they’re given much more space and opportunity to make significant changes.

Unprecedented Questions

While students have always wrestled with…

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