There’s No Such Thing as a Spoiler

Winfree Brisley | April 20, 2015

I have a confession to make. I am a former English teacher and lifelong reader who has what many people would consider an abominable habit. I almost always read the last page of a book first. Supposedly, I’m spoiling the surprise and maybe even ruining the whole reading experience. Some would say this habit demonstrates a lack of patience; my husband would say that I just hate surprises. Both are probably true. But even though my initial motivations for forming this habit may not have been so noble, I have come to realize over time that there is much to be gained by knowing how a story ends in advance. In fact, Scripture demonstrates the power of this principle as it applies to the Christian life.  

Why is there a market for book, movie, and TV “spoilers”? What is the appeal of knowing how something ends before we’ve even begun to read or watch it? I think the answer is fairly simple: knowing the ending makes the process of reading or watching more bearable and perhaps even more enjoyable. When I begin reading a novel, I know that I am going to encounter conflict and tension, struggle and heartbreak. Though a book probably wouldn’t be worth…

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