There Is No Such Thing as a Prosperity Pastor

| January 23, 2016

While ministering in the United Arab Emirates I’ve noticed a higher than usual concentration of “prosperity theology” among those who call themselves Christians. I have theorized about why. Perhaps it’s because most who come here for work arrive with the hope of prosperity; therefore, prosperity theology offers some kind of hope that with God’s favor their dreams will be realized. People sacrifice greatly, leaving children and spouses behind in places like Kenya and the Philippines with the hope of securing a financially prosperous future. 

But so often life here fails to meet the expectations of those who come for wealth, as does the prosperity teaching in which so many put their hope. Life is hard, suffering is real, and riches are elusive. So pastorally speaking, what does prosperity theology have to offer when life doesn’t work out? How do “pastors” of prosperity churches shepherd their people when prosperity is nowhere to be found?

The answer I’m discovering is that they don’t.

Wounded Sheep Without Shepherds 

Recently we’ve had a number of folks come to Immanuel Fujairah from churches that teach the prosperity gospel. I’ve found these people aren’t coming because their eyes have been opened to the theological error of prosperity teaching (at least not initially), but because prosperity…

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