This Job Influences the Future of Culture

Bethany Jenkins | July 15, 2015

Within my first month of working at The King’s College, I had to put up a sign: When Door Is Closed, Do Not Disturb. Our “open doors” culture—which is great for accessibility, communication, and collegiality—was killing me.

When I joined King’s as director of vocational and career development, the position had been vacant for several months, which meant students were lined up to get advice from me before I even arrived. To complicate matters, I had no formal training or experience in career counseling, and I’m not a counselor by nature.

I didn’t come to King’s, though, mainly for the job. I came mainly to work with its visionary president, Greg Thornbury, and to be a part of God’s work at the school.

While here, however, I’ve come to realize that being a college career counselor or coach might just be one of the most strategic jobs that any person, especially any Christian, can have. Here are four reasons why.

1. You can influence what culture looks like in 10 years.

“If you want to know what culture will look like in 10 years, visit a college campus now,” Tim Keller observed at a…

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