To Defend, Promote, and Apply the Gospel in Australia

Gary Millar | July 29, 2015

Editors’ note: The following is an excerpt from Gary Millar’s speech at the launch of The Gospel Coalition Australia (TGCA) on July 23 in Brisbane Town Hall.  

We have reached a critical moment for the cause of the gospel in Australia. It is easy to overstate the significance of any given point in the history of the church. But right now we are facing specific opportunities and challenges in Australia—and we have a responsibility to meet them.

Here in Australia, as in much of the English-speaking world, we are in the middle of a massive realignment of thinking and practice. Four major aspects of this shift include:

  • An increasingly strident rejection of biblical morality, particularly in the area of sexuality.
  • A sharp decline in church attendance across the board.
  • A loosening of traditional denominational allegiances—people are far more denominationally mobile.
  • Fragmentation in the “Reformed evangelical cause”—a key generation of leaders has retired, and it isn’t entirely clear who will pick up the baton.

These are significant challenges. We believe that they are challenges TGCA may be able to help the church of Jesus Christ to address. In our judgment, now is the time for us to gather together around the gospel…

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