To Quit or Not to Quit When Kingdom and Corporate Goals Conflict

| January 6, 2015

I occasionally work with a man who once labored as the chief financial officer of a sizable media corporation. His company produced radio programs, magazines, and television shows that generally focused on news and lifestyle programming. One year, however, his corporation first acquired a syndicated television program that focused on sexual themes and then bought a small video company that produced some pornography. My friend had no contact with these enterprises, but as CFO, he wasn't entirely disengaged from them either. Some fellow believers thought he should resign to avoid the pollution of these debasing entertainments. Some had already wondered why a Christian would work for a public media company. They told him, “We knew this would happen. It's time for you to get out.”

But my friend thinks believers should work throughout God's creation. Since he is no fool, and since Scripture informs all his thoughts and deeds, he wasn't surprised when a sinful desire for profit at any cost touched his work. He wasn't ready to quit; he was ready to do battle. So he argued, in corporate meetings, that his company was violating its principles and its charter and that it was both right and necessary to…

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