Tonight: Webcast Features Benjamin Watson on One-Year Anniversary of Ferguson Verdict

Collin Hansen | November 24, 2015

The Gospel Coalition’s Theological Vision of Ministry lays out five characteristics of gospel-centered ministry. But one of them is far more difficult than the others.

  1. empowered corporate worship;
  2. evangelistic effectiveness;
  3. counter-cultural community;
  4. the integration of faith and work; and
  5. the doing of justice and mercy.

In the abstract we love to say with TGC’s theological vision on point (3), “Because the gospel removes both fear and pride, people should get along inside the church who could never get along outside.” But then life gets in the way. We hang out with people who look and talk like we do. We credit ourselves for financial success and judge others as getting what they deserve. We feature the beautiful and ignore the broken. Our actions reveal how hard it is to ground our identity in Jesus Christ when the world divides along the lines of money, age, and ethnicity.

Last fall the events of Ferguson, Missouri deepened many of these divisions. I’ve never seen so many Christians who share a common desire to love and follow Jesus struggle to even talk with each other about an issue. Brother turned against brother. But one voice in particular challenged readers across the political and ethnic…

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