Toward Gospel-Driven Mercy Ministry in Latin America

Patti Richter | February 18, 2016

Pastors and church leaders made their way past throngs of people in a ten-block radius of streets closed to traffic. The conference they were attending happened to be scheduled on the day Pope Francis visited the city.

Vatican officials estimated a half-million people lined the streets of Quito, Ecuador, during the pontiff’s visit last July to address poverty and inequality in Latin America. Meanwhile, a much smaller group of evangelicals gathered at La Fuente Church for a two-day conference addressing the same issues.

Gospel-Centered Mercy Ministry

The conference, sponsored by the Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) and themed “His Word Shall Not Pass Away,” reflected CHF’s aim to keep the gospel at the center of mercy ministry.

CHF offers comprehensive biblical training to local churches, which the organization views as a primary means of combatting poverty. CHF also works through churches to provide food for needy children and families in 21 countries, while prioritizing the gospel as the message behind the food packs.” 

CHF staffers Lucas Aleman and Mario Aguilar oversee ministry development projects for eight countries in Latin America, working to equip some 200 churches. Aleman said there are profoundly different attitudes toward mercy ministry between the United States, where millennials desire to help the poor…

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