Tragic Times Demand Timely Texts

Hershael York | September 1, 2016

Preaching through books of the Bible is my jam. I love to take months and work through a book, as I did recently in Hebrews over the course of 44 sermons. I am convinced and see persistent evidence that the best way Christians learn the Word of God is through the systematic and regular study of its books. Only careful exposition that builds line upon line, precept upon precept, truth upon truth, will give those in my care a strategic grasp of biblical truth over a span of years.

Since the Bible has 66 books and two testaments but I only have one life to preach it, I may change the lens from one book to another so that I’m looking more or less closely at its treasures. While I have to decide whether to take months or weeks in any one book, my standard method of preaching and teaching is systematic exposition.

But I am a shepherd who preaches, not a preacher who shepherds. In other words, I am not merely a Bible teacher exegeting the text, but a pastor walking through life with the people I serve and applying the texts I exegete. Every so often a life event…

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