Transition and the Pastor’s Wife

Erin Wheeler | April 14, 2016

I couldn’t believe we were here. We’d flown in and out of Washington, D.C.’s Reagan Airport more times than I could count, but never with Arkansas as the destination. In the past, God had called us to take what I’d considered big leaps of faith by asking us to go places and do things I never felt comfortable with. But this was different. This was radical. I kept asking myself, How do two people from coastal northern California and the nation’s capitol end up in Arkansas? The answer: God does it. That’s how.

As my husband, Brad, wrestled with the Lord through the decision to uproot our lives from the church and the ministry life that began there 15 years earlier, I waited. I said little. I knew this decision was huge.

This was unusual for me, as I’m prone to speak my opinion rather freely. Brad encourages it, in fact. But this time was different. He needed to wrestle without me. I needed to let God work without my words butting in.

Then it happened. Brad knew God was taking us to “Hog Nation.” He made the decision, and we began frantically packing up our home and lives, saying some painful “see…

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