Tweeting as @DailyKeller, Painting as Tim Clark

Bethany Jenkins | January 12, 2014

Editors' note: The weekly TGCvocations column asks practitioners about their jobs and how they integrate their faith and work. Interviews are conducted and condensed by Bethany L. Jenkins, director of TGC's Every Square Inch.

TimClark, 35, is a house painter in Greenville, South Carolina, where he lives with his family and tweets as @DailyKeller with about 145,000 followers.

How did you become a house painter?

Tim Clark and Tim Keller

I never planned on painting houses as a career. I started doing it in college in order to pay for school. When I graduated, though, I was married, and we had a fair amount of debt. So I needed a job. Although my degree was in health, fitness, and recreation, painting houses paid better than the jobs I could find in my major.

For a long time, especially when we were paying down our debt, I hated my job. All I could think about was how expensive college was and how many financial mistakes we made when we were first married. Those dark days were full of accusation: "You're never going to be debt-free. You've made too many bad decisions."

Did something happen that changed your perspective?

Yes and no. My heart changed…

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