Up and to the Right: How to Embrace Both Strength and Weakness

Bethany Jenkins | March 4, 2016

Several years ago, Abby and her father, a Chinese immigrant with broken English, went to a convenience store because he needed to copy some documents. When he couldn’t get the copier to work, he tried to explain his problem to the owner of the store.

Instead of helping him, though, the owner mocked him, ripped up his papers, and told him to leave. Abby, who was then only 7 or 8, remembers:

I had always known my father as strong, kind, and smart. I had never seen him humiliated like that in front of me. He was so ashamed—I was so ashamed. I didn’t know what racism was before that day, and what it could do to someone—but after that, I knew.

This is what vulnerability without authority looks like. And it’s one of the stories Andy Crouch—executive editor of Christianity Today—tells to illustrate suffering in his new book, Strong and Weak: Embracing a Life of Love, Risk, and True Flourishing

Paradox of Flourishing

Each of us wants to flourish, not suffer. We want abundant, generous, and full lives. We want our words and actions to mean something in the world.

Yet we often don’t know how to get there. After…

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