Wanted: Parents Willing to Get Too Attached

| January 16, 2015

It’s been a little more than nine months since my husband and I brought our sweet baby boy home from the hospital. Memories of life before his arrival are faint. We can’t imagine our day-to-day without his crinkled-nose smiles or excited shrieks of delight. Life with him is our new normal, and while being a mommy is more exhausting than I thought possible, it’s also more joy-filled than I thought possible. This deep joy of motherhood, however, is also mingled with sadness; the time is soon approaching when our days will no longer be filled with this little one’s sweet shrieks of delight. My heart aches knowing that while we’ve been able to enthusiastically cheer on his first attempts to crawl, it’s unlikely we will be able to experience his first steps, first words, or first day of school.

He’s not terminally ill. This sweet baby we took home from the hospital nearly ten months ago is our foster son. In the next month or two he will likely leave our home and be adopted by his extended family members. We’re grateful that our foster son has family members who want to raise him as their own. Still, deep grief…

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