Warning: Flannery O’Connor Ahead

Kathleen Nielson | February 18, 2013

Flannery O'Connor's short stories have been described as grotesque, shocking, and perverse. They've also been described as brilliant, witty, and deeply Christian. They have taken their place in the generally recognized treasury of modern American classics. Christians should come to know this remarkable fiction writer who saw the world through the lens of her faith.

In a series of three articles we'll dive into O'Connor's writing and get to know her better. Those of you who know her already will surely have comments to offer. O'Connor is one of those writers who seems to stimulate strong comments. Her writing is kind of like a strong drink.

This introductory article will refer to the short story "A Good Man Is Hard To Find." The next two articles will treat "The Displaced Person" and "Good Country People" (all found in Complete StoriesCollected Works, or A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories). Along with the stories, we'll consider several prose pieces (found in Mystery and Manners). These works are available either in hard copy or ebook. Along with commentary, questions will be provided for further reflection or discussion.

To begin, I'll simply tell you why…

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