We All Need Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Ben Bailie | February 19, 2016

There are certain problems I know I’ll never have. One is the type of book my grandchildren will write about me. They won’t. And if they did, no one would read it. But if my grandchildren did write about me, this is the kind of book I’d want them to write: warm, affectionate, defending me at every turn, even in cases of disagreement.

Books written by family members are tricky things, so reviewing them is tricky too. Who wants to be the reviewer who disparages the family member who loved the subject more deeply and knew him more intimately than you could ever dream?

Martyn Lloyd-Jones: His Life and Relevance is Lloyd-Jones’s grandson Christopher’s third foray into writing about his grandfather. He highlighted him in one chapter of his Five Evangelical Leaders (1984), which he expanded into a tender and charming book Martyn Lloyd-Jones: A Family Portrait (1995). The latest volume gives an invaluable and intimate look into the British preacher’s life. 

This book isn’t a “conventional biography” (14), as his “previous portraits [were] designed to show the Doctor’s human side” (15); it’s more of a “discussion” (146). And the goal is to show how profoundly relevant “the Doctor” is for 21st-century evangelicals.

If you appreciate…

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