We Staff the Church

Bethany Jenkins | July 29, 2015

Holly Tate is the director of business development at Vanderbloemen Search Group, an executive search firm that helps churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations find their key staff. Their motto is: “We staff the church.” She is a graduate of The King’s College in New York City and now lives with her husband in Houston, Texas, where she attends Ecclesia Church.

What do you do every day?

I lead Vanderbloemen Search Group’s Business Development Team, which includes marketing, client relations, social media, and content development including our resource-packed blog. We’ve cultivated a corporate culture of thought leadership, so everyone from our CEO to our Operations Team contributes to content creation. Our team’s goal is to provide church leaders with content on best practices for staffing so that they can build great teams and see the kingdom expanded in their communities.

As an organization, what’s your biggest obstacle?

It has never been easier for job seekers to look good on paper and harder for hiring managers to discern who is the best fit. Our process helps our clients with their search and hiring process, from our initial consultation to their onboarding of a new team member. We meet potential candidates face to face…

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