What Christianity Alone Offers Transgender Persons

Sam Allberry | January 10, 2017

A day barely passes without transgender issues hitting the news. It might be a human interest feature about someone transitioning from one sex to another, and how they’ve been received (or not) by their communities. It might concern the politics of rights for transgender men and women, and which restrooms should be available to them. It might have to do with complex discussions about the causes of and treatments available for transgenderism. But one thing’s for sure: This issue isn’t going away anytime soon, and we Christians can’t afford to avoid it.

Yet many of us will want to. We know we’re treading on hugely sensitive ground. We know we’re dealing with areas of deeply personal pain for many men and women, and we will be wary of saying things that might add to that pain.

We might not know what we think about some of the political debates raging all around us. We might feel as though we simply don’t know enough about transgenderism to say anything with confidence. Try looking up “transgender” in a concordance; you’re not likely to get far.            

But the gospel is always good news—for everyone. It strikes me that there are two particular insights the gospel can offer that might form…

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