What Erwin Lutzer Learned in Four Decades of Ministry

Jeff Robinson | September 1, 2016

Earlier this summer, after 36 years of faithful service, Erwin Lutzer stepped down as senior pastor of The Moody Church and transitioned into the role of pastor emeritus. In this capacity he will continue to minister in a variety of ways, including speaking, writing, and working with Moody Church Media.

I asked Lutzer, a member of The Gospel Coalition’s Council, about his decades of ministry, future plans, and advice for younger pastors.

What was your most cherished moment in your nearly four decades of pastoral ministry?

The great pastor Charles Haddon Spurgeon once said he didn’t know what heaven will be like, but the closest he came to it on earth was in those moments when he was preaching and he experienced a special connection with God. My greatest moments at The Moody Church were during our Easter Sunday services when I had the privilege of preaching to a packed church, declaring the resurrection and the beauty of the gospel. That is the highlight of my ministry.

How have you seen things change within evangelicalism over these past four decades? Do you think local church ministry is more difficult for young pastors these days, or are the challenges about the same?

The changes…

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