What I’ve Learned About the Bible

Tim Keller | January 14, 2016

Western society used to be basically divided between people who (1) respected the Bible as “the truth” but didn’t follow it, (2) believed and followed it devotedly, or (3) rejected it as simply a book of legends and myths.

Things are changing. 

To begin with, the first group is rapidly declining in size. And the relationship between the second and third group has become charged in a new way. In the past, if you believed in the full authority of the Bible, your skeptical neighbors would have disagreed and explained why they couldn’t accept the Bible, and maybe even laughed at you in private. But they wouldn’t have felt the need to examine your ways of regarding the Bible and loudly ridicule them and try to shame you for them. 

Attacked and Shamed 

Today, as never before, the character of the Bible is publicly attacked as cruel and oppressive, and those who uphold the historic view of its truthfulness are seen in the same light. There’s enormous social pressure on Christians to abandon the historic understanding of the inspiration and authority of the Scripture and the role it should play in our lives. 

This is why my church recently conducted a short three-week sermon series on…

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