What Nashville and Denver Have in Common

Bethany Jenkins | June 17, 2015

As I picked up my mild drip coffee, I asked the Whole Foods barista where I could find the milk and sugar. “Behind you,” he replied. “Right under the guitar.” Turning around, I looked up to see a colorful guitar mounted on the wall. Yep, I thought. I must be in Nashville.

Despite the number of decorative guitars strewn throughout the city, and the popular TV show that bears its name, “Music City” isn’t a company town, and country isn’t its only tune. Every day, almost 900,000 Nashvillians go to work at health care companies, universities, government offices, banks, and elsewhere, making it the 14th best-performing city in the U.S.

To drive from Nashville to the 12th city on the list, Denver, you only need two roads, I-24 and I-70—and 16 hours. The “Mile High City” sits between the Rockies and the High Plains, an ideal spot for tourism to flourish. With even more economic opportunities than Nashville, Denver has almost 1.5 million people working in high-tech, manufacturing, banking, mining, and more.

In the midst of these vibrant cities, where over 2 million people are deploying their vocational talents, a new trend in the faith and work (FAW) movement is…

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