What to Do Before Merging Churches

Collin Hansen | October 21, 2016

Young church plant needs a building. Older church needs a pastor and hope for the future. So why not merge? It’s an increasingly common scenario in our day. How can you know, then, if this is the right move for your church? What can you learn from other churches that have attempted this process, so fraught with hidden dangers for both sides? I’ve seen it attempted dozens of times, and I’ve even seen it work well in a few cases. Let’s investigate biblical principles and best practices so more of these mergers turn out as win-win situations for the kingdom of God.  

On today’s podcast, I talk with two pastors who have walked through successful church mergers. Mike McKinley is senior pastor of Sterling Park Baptist Church in Sterling, Virginia. He was on staff at Capitol Hill Baptist Church before becoming the pastor of Guilford Baptist Church, which merged with Sterling Park in 2013.

Shawn Wright was a part of Trinity Baptist, a church planted in Louisville in 1996, which merged with Clifton Baptist Church in 2001. Wright now serves as pastor of leadership development at Clifton. 

We talked about their experiences and what they’ve learned about merging churches.

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