When God Calls You Into New Territory

Gavin Ortlund | July 16, 2015

When God calls you to leave your ministry and move across the world to a third world country with your wife and nine children, you probably have a story to tell. Voddie Baucham does. He is leaving his ministry at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas, to pursue a new ministry at African Christian University (ACU) in Zambia.

I corresponded with Baucham about how God led him to his new calling, what he is learning through the process, and how we can pray for him and his family as he goes. 

Tell us about the process by which God has called you to Zambia.

The call to Zambia took place over a period of seven years. I first visited Lusaka in August 2007 for the annual Zambian Reformed Conference. This visit was all it took for me to be convinced that I would make a significant investment in God’s work in Zambia. I knew then that, should the Lord tarry and give me strength, I would be back.

I did not, however, know what form my investment would take. I had many thoughts over the years, but nothing materialized. Also, my wife was not convinced. And I was not about to move forward with anything without her…

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