When God Is Silent

Nancy Guthrie | March 11, 2016

Silence. Sometimes what causes us the most pain and confusion isn’t what God says to us but the fact that in the midst of difficulty he seems to say nothing at all.

Has God been silent in your life as you’ve been waiting for answers?

That’s how it was for Job. He wanted to hear from God. He wanted to understand why he was suffering. He wanted God to clear his name. “Let the Almighty answer me,” he pleaded (Job 31:35).

Voice from the Storm 

Finally, after all the questioning and struggle, in a voice from out of a storm, God spoke.

God asked where Job was when God began the work of creation. What had Job done to call the universe into being, to create his own life, or to make possible the existence of his possessions or his children or his health?

You might expect God to have answered all those chapters of questions from Job and his friends, who had been waxing eloquent about God and how he works. You might think God would have set the record straight on all the fine points.

But that isn’t what he did.

He answered Job’s questions with his own set of questions—four chapters of…

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