When God’s Word Meets Your Story

Kathleen Nielson | May 20, 2016

Our women’s initiatives team finds a lot of interest these days in training women to study and teach the Bible in the context of the local church. Many women who come to our conferences or access our resources are pursuing in-depth study of the Scriptures, and they’re always looking for materials to help spur them on. Many pastors are also looking for ways to encourage and guide women in their congregations to “dig in” to the Word more deeply and to teach it to other women.


That’s why we made this collection of plenary talks from the last women’s conference a little different. God’s Word, Our Story: Learning from the Book of Nehemiah doesn’t just compile the talks (though it does that, and there are again discussion questions for each chapter). There are also comments from the speakers on the process of preparing expositional talks. We’ve included an introduction on what biblical exposition is and why it’s so important, and also a chapter on teaching Old Testament narrative. 
We hope this volume will do more than recap talks from TGCW14. We hope it will help stimulate growth and training in the Scriptures in a variety of church contexts (Bible studies, various classes, one-to-one Bible reading, and so on). We’re excited for this volume…

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