When Intolerance Is Beautiful

Jeff Robinson | April 18, 2016

I’ve detected a pattern among younger evangelicals who discover sound doctrine: Their initial exposure to the great truths of God often seems to have come through the discipline of apologetics. My own pilgrimage to the serious study of theology and into ministry began with books like Mere Christianity, Knowing God, and Classical Apologetics.

Another book I read as I first began grappling with the things of God was Josh McDowell’s classic apologetics work More Than a Carpenter. It compelled me to do more than study the gospel—it drove me to take it to the streets where it might be unleashed to open blind eyes.

As McDowell’s ministry continues well into its fourth decade, his son, Sean, has taken up his dad’s mantel—serving as assistant professor of apologetics at Biola University.

The father-son duo has written a new book with an eyebrow-raising title, The Beauty of Intolerance: Setting a Generation Free to Know Truth and Love (Shiloh). I corresponded with both McDowells about defending the faith in a post-Christian culture, wisdom for pastors, and more.

The title of your new book is The Beauty of Intolerance. Intolerance isn’t usually synonymous with beauty; why did you frame it this way?

Sean: The title…

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