When Jesus Hurried

Joel Lindsey | July 2, 2015

Jesus was not one to be rushed. Though he is eternal, he came to us wrapped in flesh, and therefore bound by earthly limitations. He got hungry and thirsty (Mark 11:12; John 4:7; 19:28), he got sleepy (Matt. 8:24), and even had to have someone help him carry really heavy things (Mark 15:21).

Jesus knew his limits. He didn’t try to be in three places at once or cram 30 hours’ worth of activity into 12 hours of daylight. Consider that Jesus didn’t start his ministry till he was 30, and he didn’t kick it into high gear even when a little girl and a good friend would have avoided death had he picked up the pace a bit (Luke 8:40–56; John 11). Even when he used a form of transportation other than his feet, Jesus chose a colt not a thoroughbred (Mark 11:7). He accepted his limitations and lived life at a godly pace.

But one time Jesus hurried.

Jesus the Pacesetter

The scene is found in Mark 10 and, ironically, the reference to Jesus’s atypical burst of speed is easy to fly right by. Jesus has just taught on divorce, spent some time hanging out with children, and spoken with a wealthy young…

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