When Millennials Meet Ultrasounds

| February 12, 2016

In a cover story titled “How Millennial Parents Think Differently About Raising Kids,” Time magazine reporter Katy Steinmetz describes how younger moms and dads are bringing up their kids with a host of values—some more traditional, others much more unconventional.

There is much to trouble religious conservatives in the parenting trends described. From cohabiting couples to “some 700,000 millennial parents” who “identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual,” today’s little ones are being raised in home environments so at odds with natural law and biblical revelation with that one wonders how, as older children and young adults, they will relate to one another.

It’s certain a common moral language will be lacking. So will any common recognition of what composes a healthy family. Having experienced so much conflict in the home, many will seek to avoid cultural conflict by hiding from social engagement and political activism, leaving the public square potentially less civil and certainly less representative. These invariable outcomes can only mean increased social contention of the kind now plaguing our society.

Ultrasound Exception

Yet one sentence, tucked deeply in the Time article, is arresting: “46 percent of millennial parents said they posted a picture of their youngest child either in the womb or…

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