When Our Career Plans Aren’t Panning Out

Bethany Jenkins | June 1, 2015

Almost 10 years ago, Johnathan Agrelius felt clearly that God was calling him to become a real estate developer and transform underutilized or abandoned buildings in the downtown area of his hometown. “I had a lot to learn,” he recalls, “but other people in my community—architects, city planners, historic preservationists, bankers, and investors—all got on board with my vision, and we started to work toward it together. I thought I had found my career, and I was excited.”

For the past 10 years, though, Agrelius has faced setbacks and frustrations. His career path has been anything but simple and straight. In fact, he still isn’t a real estate developer. 

How do we live in the tension of having a sense of God’s calling and not seeing it come to fruition? What happens when our career plans aren’t panning out? 

Setbacks and Frustrations

By 2007, Agrelius picked his first building and started to plan its redevelopment. Then the owner doubled his asking price, signaling that he had changed his mind about selling the property. “The project no longer penciled out for me,” Agrelius laments. “I was devastated and didn’t know what to do. I needed a new plan.”

Since he still wanted to…

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